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Cruise Code: ANA44794
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An Odyssey Of Antiquity In The Aegean Sea - BDA

  • An Exceptional Itinerary Through The Cradle Of Western Civilization
  • Waterways: Greek Islands
  • Cruise Start Date: 21-Aug-2022 Cruise End Date: 28-Aug-2022 Nights: 7
  • Embark City: Athens Disembark City: Athens

Day 1


Passengers are welcome to board our ship at 6:00 p.m. We'll introduce our crew at a welcome cocktail before dinner on board.

The rest of the evening is yours to do as you please.

Day 2


This morning, join us on an excursion to Athens and the Acropolis. The Acropolis in Athens sits majestically on a rocky outcrop overlooking the dense city below. The complex has had many uses, including a military base, housing for nobles, and religious center. Although it has been destroyed and rebuilt many times, today's restored and preserved ruins stir our imaginations as to the former splendor of famous buildings such as the Parthenon, Propylaea, Erechteion, and the Temple of Athena Nike.


Join us on an excursion to the Kaisariani Monastery. This beautiful Eastern Orthodox monastery sits in the forest at the foot the Mount Hymettus, right outside of the city. The verdant slopes of Mount Hymettus are a haven from the hustle and bustle of Athens, especially in the hot summer. Monks first built the monastery in the 11th century over a shrine to the goddess Aphrodite. The frescoes on the ceiling of the church are a fascinating study of Eastern Orthodox art. We'll follow the trail through the garden to the small church above, a grotto-like chapel sanctuary covered from top to bottom with icons and religious objects.

This afternoon, join us for an excursion to Cape Sounion. We'll travel along the coast and around the Saronic Gulf rim to Cape Sounion—the promontory on the southernmost tip of the Attica Peninsula looking west towards Patroklos, across the Aegean Sea. The cape is most noted for the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon, dating back to the Golden Age of Athens.

In the evening, La Belle de L’Adriatique will cast off and head for the Cyclades.

Day 3


This morning, join us on an excursion to Delos, the mythical birthplace of Apollo (travel to and from the island will be done in rowboats). Delos has been considered a sacred island since ancient times. Greek mythology recounts the island as the birthplace of both Apollo and Artemis, and it has played an important role over many millennia as a religious and economic center. We'll visit the sanctuary dedicated to Apollo, the Terrace of the Lions, and several ruins of homes with superb mosaic art.

After our excursion, we'll return on board in rowboats, and our ship will begin to cruise to Mykonos.

This afternoon, join us for an excursion to Mykonos. Mykonos is the incontestable star of the Cyclades. We'll stroll through the narrow streets of the capital, a contrast of blue sea and white walls. We'll visit the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, the official protector of the island. Built in the 1500s, tourists visit it not only for the religious experience but for its outstanding architecture.

On our return to the ship, we'll head to the Sun Deck for a traditional Greek cocktail with mezes and a glass of ouzo.

Enjoy an evening of traditional entertainment on board as musicians and dancers treat us to a celebration of their authentic art. No Greek-themed evening would be complete without a throwback to Zorba and the Sirtaki, of course.

Our ship will cruise to the Dodecanese overnight.

Day 4


We'll spend the morning cruising.

This afternoon, join us for an excursion to Kos and the Asklepion. An Asklepion was the ancient Greek version of med school, where healers cured patients and taught others their techniques. The Asklepion on Kos is surrounded by a forest that was considered sacred. We'll visit the three-terrace ruins to learn more about its history and enjoy the remarkable views. Our next stop will be the older part of the city of Kos to see its antique and medieval ruins, including the gate, ancient marketplace, and the castle built by the Knights of the Order of Saint John. We'll stop to see the Tree of Hippocrates, where legend has it the great Greek savant taught his students.

Our ship will cruise to Rhodes overnight.

Day 5


This morning, join us on an excursion to medieval Rhodes. Rhodes is famous for gorgeous beaches and awesome weather, but it is also jam-packed with history, especially noteworthy medieval tales. The island is home to one of the largest medieval centers still thriving today. Don't miss this opportunity to enter the city walls and wander the labyrinth of streets. The fort, bastion, walls, gates, minarets, old homes, fountains, and peaceful squares are as if King's Landing has come alive. You'll visit the Kos Town Castle on the entrance of the harbor. The Knights of Saint John built the fortress and stronghold we see now during their rule from 1314 to 1522.

This afternoon, join us for an excursion to Lindos. We'll cross the island to visit the charming fishing village of Lindos. For many tourists, the natural landscape, astonishing views, and impressive archaeological site are second to none in the islands. As we walk the streets towards the Acropolis, you'll see ruins from the variety of civilizations who have called this island home. You'll have a superb view of the whitewashed village against the yellow rock and blue sea below from the top of the hill.


Kick back at Tsambika Beach (sunlounger and umbrella rental included). Spend the afternoon in a little corner of paradise. Swim in the turquoise water and catch some rays on the pristine beach.

Our ship will cruise through the night.

Day 6


We'll spend the morning cruising the Aegean Sea.

This afternoon, join us for an excursion to the legendary island of Santorini (travel to and from the island will be done in rowboats). Jacques Cousteau once set sail for Santorini in search of the mythical island of Atlantis. The volcano shaped the land into what we see today, and it remains one of the greatest attractions. The volcanic caldera extends over a large part of the island and even plunges into the sea. We'll enjoy a panoramic tour to see the different landscapes and visit iconic sites such as Profitis Ilias Mountain and the striking village of Megalochori to absorb the ambiance of its historic mansions and old traditional houses. The gorgeous village of Fira, perched on the edge of a high caldera that faces west across the sea, will be our last stop. We'll watch the sun set slowly along the horizon as the colors change to fiery orange, purple, and pink hues.

We'll return to the ship by rowboats.

This evening, we'll enjoy a Greek dinner on the Sun Deck. Tonight's entertainment is the warm air and nature's grandeur as the sun sets.

Our ship will cruise through the night.

Day 7


This morning, join us on an excursion to Paros. Paros is known for its unrivaled beauty, crystal clear waters, and accessible footpaths just waiting to be explored. We'll visit Parikia, a gorgeous village of small, whitewashed homes and imposing mansions. The most famous site in Parikia is the church of Panayia Ekatontapyliani—the 6th-century church with 100 doors, including a secret one! We'll head to Naoussa, a beautiful fishing village with a tiny harbor bursting with restaurants and cafés. Our last stop will be Lefkes, tucked into the island mountains, to take in the great views from above.

In the afternoon, catch some rays at Golden Beach (sunlounger and umbrella rental included). Enjoy a quiet afternoon at one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Our ship will cruise to Piraeus Harbor overnight. Tonight is our festive gala evening.


Day 8 : ATHENS

Enjoy one last buffet breakfast on board before disembarking at 9:00 a.m. End of our services.


Cruise Includes all meals on board, open bar on board, daily shore excursions (pick Classic or Discovery Package), and all port charges and taxes.


Cabin Price

Cabin Name Price Per Person (in USD) Discounted Price (in USD)
Lower Deck: Cat. C - Port Hole Window $3,684 $3,131
Lower Deck: Cat. B - Port Hole Window $3,770 $3,217
Lower Deck: Cat. A - Port Hole Window $3,919 $3,366
Main Deck: Cat. C - Port Hole Window $4,020 $3,467
Main Deck: Cat. B - Port Hole Window $4,106 $3,553
Main Deck: Cat. A - Port Hole Window $4,255 $3,702
Embarkation Deck: Cat. C - Picture Window $4,134 $3,581
Embarkation Deck: Cat. B - Picture Window $4,220 $3,667
Embarkation Deck: Cat. A - Picture Window $4,369 $3,816
Upper Deck: Cat. C - French Balconies $4,277 $3,724
Upper Deck: Cat. B - French Balconies $4,363 $3,810
Upper Deck: Cat. A - French Balconies $4,512 $3,959
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