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Plan Your Travel

Plan your Travel

Before You Go: Preparing for a Cruise of a Lifetime!

Special Accommodations

Medical concerns shouldn't limit your freedom to travel. If you need special treatments such as dialysis, or have limited mobility, we can help. We have many deluxe sea cruises and coastal cruises that can accommodate your specific needs.

Family Fun Traveling as a large family, or with children can be a great way to make memories. (We're not just talking young children - but families of all ages!) We have some great programs that are appealing to everyone and affordable! Let us help you make your next family vacation special!

Celebrating one of life's Milestone? Newly engaged? Going on a Honeymoon? Or are you celebrating the time you've shared together already? We can help you plan a romantic and memorable vacation for you and your spouse, or invite friends and family along to share in the celebration!

Before You Travel

Contact Information
Its important to give us (Small Ships) AND a trusted family member or friend your contact information. This includes an international cell phone number, if you will be carrying one, airline information and any hotels you will be staying in before or after your cruise. If there is a last minute change in scheduling or an emergency at home we would like to notify you right away. This is to ensure you have a worry free cruise experience.

Dietary considerationsPlease let us know if you have any dietary restrictions at time of booking and we will be happy to advise the ship of your needs. The chef will do his best to accommodate you. It is always a good idea to introduce yourself to the Maître de aboard your ship, to remind them of your needs.

Passports EU citizens need a valid passport (or ID-card for European cruises) which is valid for at least 3 months after return. Other travelers need a valid passport which is valid for at least 6 months after return. It is not possible to join the cruise without valid identification papers.

Visa Requirements Check with the destination country's embassy or website to determine if you will need a visa in ANY of the countries you will be sailing to. Visa's can take time to secure, so please start the process right away if you need one. If you are in doubt, please contact us.

Credit Cards Contact the credit card company or issuing bank of the cards you will be bringing on your trip. Advise them of your travel plans. Let them know when and where you will be going. This will prevent them putting your account on hold. For debit cards to work abroad, the pin can not be longer than 4 digits and can not begin with zero.

Onboard Expenses Any onboard expenses (additional drinks, excursions, laundry, etc.) will be billed to your cabin, and at the end of the cruise all additional costs can be charged to a credit card or paid for in cash.

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